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About us

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We commit to education, nature conservation and inclusion in making a difference.


Driving positive change through impactful communi­cation

Hi there, we are Jonas and Lina, the founders of Alerce Environmental Communication.
Our goal is to amplify your message transforming ideas into action. How? By merging the power of scientific evidence with the art of compelling communication.


Giving Back

Already during our studies we got introduced to the concept of rewilding as a way of ecological restoration. The idea was so compelling that we decided we want to support it with whatever we do.
We soon found like-minded people online and together formed a global community with the shared goal of spreading rewilding knowledge and supporting a global community of change-makers through free educational online events.
As core team members of the Rewilding Community of Practice, we support the community with our expertise in communication, outreach and education, helping ecological restoration intiatives grow.
Curious to learn more? Join us and follow us online:

About us

Who Are We?

We talk about the environment and nature restoration and have a MSc degree in Environmental Sciences.
We love reading books and baking bread. Our favourite season is winter and we love mountains and snow. But we live in Hannover to be closer to friends and family.
Our idea of a perfect holiday is having the lowest impact on the environment as possible that’s why we love hiking in the mountains with our two-person tent.


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