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Floriade EXPO 2022: Nectar Exchange Programme

We created short descriptions, in which we creatively played with words, while maintaining the professional tone Floriade visitors expect.
Floriade Expo 2022


Copy­writing, Social Media and SEO

The project was set to create captivating descriptions of environmental topics for a learning platform that would entice the reader to participate in a knowledge exchange.

We combined elements of storytelling and vivid environmental details into captivating descriptions, capturing the essential information and ending with a clear call to action.


The Floriade Expo 2022 has launched a learning and networking platform, the Nectar Exchange Platform, which covers topics related to the Growing Green Cities of the future.

Visitors to Floriade EXPO 2022 will have a chance to engage in learning activities, networking and discussions to exchange knowledge. The commissioned texts should inform them about each topic in as much detail as possible while enticing them to participate.

Our role within the Nectar Exchange Programme

Ideas & Design

What makes people read more? Less text.

We created short descriptions, in which we creatively played with words while maintaining the professional tone Floriade visitors expect.

Departing from complex scientific terms, we explored how we can bring those closer to the Floriade participants without ‘dumbing down’ or sounding dull. We aimed at the emotions and feelings of a reader, captivating her/his attention with vivid sensual and visual cues.

How do people learn the best? When they are immersed in learning experiences through storytelling. We created captivating descriptions, based on environmental science concepts, while incorporating captivating storytelling elements.


Join the success

I have experienced the collaboration with Lina Dilly of Alerce Environmental as very pleasant. Lina knew how to translate the assignment and the vision into deliverables and everything was always delivered on time.

Dina El Filali
Program Manager International Research & Demo – Floriade Expo 2022

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